How much is membership?

Basic NWSC Club membership £20 valid until April 2020 BOOK NOW

What do I get with a NWSC Membership?

Discounted surf club rate, discounts at local stores, access to book club surf trips, membership goody bag (goody bag ready by the end of August 2019!)

When do I have to renew my membership?

Membership is due every April, this applies even if you started half way through the previous year. NWSC Club Membership runs April-March. Any memberships purchase in March 2019 will run until April 2020.

How do I pay for membership?

All payments will be taken online BOOK NOW

How much are sessions and how do I pay for them?

Each session is £6.50 and must be pre-booked and pre-paid. There is a £10 non-member option if you just want to try out a session before becoming a member. BOOK NOW

What if I have booked a session and can no longer attend?

Please email us as soon as possible so we can open up the space to someone else. If there is less than 2 weeks notice we can not offer refunds or transferal of bookings.

What age is NWSC for?

Our current minimum age is 14 our oldest member so far is 72. All under 18’s have to be signed in and out by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

What swimming ability should I have to take part?

All members must be able to swim a minimum 50m in a recognised stroke. This is a rule set by the National Governing Body - Surfing England. Members and club staff/volunteers are not insured if members can not swim 50m.

What equipment do I need?

All equipment is included if you need it, this includes boots, gloves and hoods in the colder months. You are welcome to bring your own equipment and we have changing rooms for you to use before and after each surf.

What kind of wetsuit do I need?

We recommend a 5mm or full (long sleeve, long arms) winter wetsuit from October until the end of May. A 3mm wetsuit is usually warm enough from May to September. All club members receive a 20% discount on wetsuits for sale in the Quiksilver Surf School Newquay.

What time are sessions?

Club sessions usually meet at 6pm and finish at 8pm in the summer and 2pm-4pm in the winter.

What time of year does club run?

We surf from February - December and we will have a few one off events through December - February, keep an eye on our blog and events page for news and updates

How many members are in each group?

There is a maximum 8 members to 1 instructor and maximum 24 surfers at each club surf.

How many instructors will be at each session?

This depends on the total number booked on each session (see above safe ratio) We will have a minimum 2 instructors at each surf, but we often have more.

I have never surfed before, will I be ok to join club?

Yes, no experience is necessary to join. Our instructors are experienced in teaching all ages and abilities.

Will I be in water out of my depth?

Possibly. If a member has demonstrated they have the ability to confidently paddle their board ‘out back’ the instructors will allow them to paddle out of their depth. This will be at the instructors professional discretion and not the decision of the member.

What will I learn at club?

Surfing! We are a surf club and will teach surfing at all levels from complete beginner to advanced ‘out back’. Surfing is not just learning to stand up on a surfboard - this is just the beginning. All sessions will include a safety brief and surf theory for conditions of the day.