How do I become a member?

Wave Slaves currently has a waiting list. To sign up to this please complete the form in the sign up page.

How much is membership?

£25 this includes Surfing England membership and added benefits

When do I have to renew my membership?

Membership is due every February, this applies even if you started half way through the previous year. Wave Slaves Club Membership runs February-February. Your Surfing England Membership will be renewed from the date you signed up. If you are offered a place after February £25 membership is due when you accept your place at the club.

How do I pay for membership?

All payments will be processed by direct debit. When membership is due you will be emailed a sign up link. Once you have completed this and accepted your place a second email will be sent to you with payment set up details.

Why do I need membership?

Wave Slave Club Membership means that you, the committee and instructors are covered under insurance to run and take part in activities. Surfing England Membership signs you up to the National Governing Body of Surfing and provides personal surfing insurance for the member (so they are covered out of club activities) you will also have access to discount codes for various surfing outlets.

How much are sessions?

Each session is £5

How do I pay for club sessions?

Club sessions are paid for by direct debit. Each session is £5 and paid for in monthly blocks - be aware these monthly blocks vary between £20-£30 depending on the month. Direct debit payments will be taken on the 28th of each month and are paid in advance, for example 28th March payment will be for sessions running in April. If we do not receive your subs on time, you can not attend club sessions until we do. For more details please see the session payment plan and dates.

If I’m away do I still need to pay for club sessions?

Yes, this holds your place at the club.

Are there any pay breaks for subs?

No, due to abuse of pay breaks in previous years, causing the club to lose money and holding places without attendance or paying, preventing new members from joining, the committee voted to stop pay breaks.

What age can I sign my child up for Wave Slaves?

Our current minimum age is 8, this is set by the National Governing Body Surfing England. Under 8’s are welcome to add their name to the waiting list to join after the 8th birthday.

What swimming ability should my child have to take part?

All members must be able to swim a minimum 50m in a recognised stroke. This is a rule set by the National Governing Body - Surfing England. This is for the safety of members and instructors, as well as being an essential skill when living by the sea. Members and club staff/volunteers are not insured if members can not swim 50m. All members must send a copy of a 50m or level and above swimming badge/certificate or letter from a swimming teacher must be presented when accepting your club place.

What equipment do I need?

You will need your own wetsuit, boots, gloves and hoods. Surfboards are provided by the club, but you are allowed to bring your own. Wetsuit, boots, gloves and hoods are available to hire for each session at an extra cost of £1 per item - this must be pre-booked by the day before you need them. The club has an account with Alder and can offer members a greatly discounted rate on wetsuits and accessories.

Wetsuits £75

Boots £18

Gloves £10

Hood £12

What kind of wetsuit do I need?

We recommend buying a 5mm or full (long sleeve, long arms) winter wetsuit.

The club has an account with Alder and can offer members a greatly discounted rate on wetsuits and accessories.

Wetsuits £75

Boots £18

Gloves £10

Hood £12

What time are sessions?

Club sessions usually meet at 5:30pm and pick up is at 7:30pm. Times do vary at the beginning and end of the season due to fading daylight. Times may also differ on high tide activity days and special events. Please see the year plan of club sessions for times and locations.

What time of year does club run?

All year! We surf from March - October and train in the pool November - February.

Where do we meet for each session?

Surf sessions are currently running from the Quiksilver Surf School at The Esplanade Hotel and we surf at South Fistral. Please sign in with the nominated committee member in the downstairs changing rooms where you can pick up your equipment and store your belongings. High tide sessions will meet at the activity location. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page and Facebook group for updates or the events page.

Do I need to stay for the entire time my child is at a club session?

No, you will need to sign your child in and out for every session but you do not need to stay at the beach. We are currently running from Quiksilver Surf School Newquay, next to The Esplanade Hotel at South Fistral. Usual drop off time is between 5:30/5:45pm and pick up time is 7:30pm. Please see the year plan of club sessions for times and locations. If you have signed to give your child permission to walk home, club members may sign themselves in and out.

How many members are there?

The club currently has the capacity for 90 members. This is split into two groups, one attending Mondays and one attending Thursdays.

How many members are in each group?

Members are grouped by age (year they were born - not school year) and ability. There is a maximum 8 members to 1 instructor.

How many instructors will be at each session?

We have 6 qualified instructors that will be present at most club sessions.

My child has never surfed before, will they be ok to join club?

Yes, no experience is necessary to join. Our instructors are experienced in teaching all ages and abilities.

Will my child be in water out of their depth?

Possibly. If a member has demonstrated they can swim 100m or more and they have the ability to paddle their board ‘out back’ the instructors will allow them to paddle out of their depth. This will be at the instructors professional discretion and not the decision of the member or parent/guardian.

What will my child learn at Wave Slaves?

Surfing! We are mainly a surf club and will teach surfing at all levels from complete beginner to advanced ‘out back’. Surfing is not just learning to stand up on a surfboard - this is just the beginning. Other sessions will include beach safety, life saving skills, sea rescue skills as well as coasteering, iBounce, fun pool, climbing, forest school and Monster SUP.

Are there any awards members can achieve?

Yes, being a member of Surfing England gives all members access to the Junior Surf Scheme. Members will be assessed on JSS Levels 3 or 4 times a year and certificates are usually presented in July and then again in November.

The instructors award Wave Slave of the Week after each session and the end of season awards are given out at the End of Year party in November.